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Sensual Nudism As ForeplayMobley's Review is becoming just simply "Sensual Nudity," including the more adult style nudism, and celebrates feminine beauty in various stages of nudity or undress, from quiet solitary moments to the milder aspects of foreplay (not porn) that characterize activities in a normal teen's or woman's life. Simple nudes have a powerful aspect and appeal that defy rational synthesis. If the shot is right it captures an essence of femininity that drives us wild. The simple act of a mate being nude in public (such as on a nudist beach) is a potent stimulant. Seeing our mates this way puts them in the Goddess aspect--objects of desire in other men's vision.

Simple Teen NudesSeveral years ago I read an article in the New York Times that stated the most difficult thing about sex was making it interesting. It struck a chord. Sex itself is abundantly portrayed (and abused) on the Web, but not so much the little seductions and foreplay that make it interesting and all consuming. (Sex is great: but variation, anticipation and seduction make it all the better). That young nudist teen may be out of my league (for legal and other reasons) but it doesn't diminishTeens, Field Trips her ability to incite fantasy that fuels a sex drive into expression with someone else. 

Young female beauty is an aphrodisiac. Part of the appeal of nudism (to us) is the fact that it offers the opportunity to rekindle our memories of those first "show me yours, I'll show you mine" moments, our first glimpses of the other sex nude after puberty sets in. In effect it's a revisiting of that nascent excitement with teen girls. An adult couple on a nude beach reenacts in their own ways these primal moments of arousal. Playful nudity is flirty and seductive, whether on the beach, in the woods, hiking the Alps, skinny dipping, or on the back-forty. When is being naked in the company of the opposite sex not arousing? 

"Desire is not pornographic...." 


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Intimate photography of couples engaged in foreplay (flirtations, subtle or avid seduction, also "pre-sex") is as aspect of sex that's utterly ignored on the Web (except in women's magazines). There is no real seduction to porn, just brute action, typically cold and, by necessity, brief, to the point. But in real life (hopefully) there are still a few who engage sex as a passage with a beginning, middle and flourishing end. What real, passionate girls and women do when having intimacy is surreally interesting.

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Nudist CouplesWe cover simple, traditional nudism in our nudist magazines and the more esoteric, single orNudist Picnic, Sensuous Foreplay In Nature solo nudists, teens and couples in Mobley's, highlighting the more mildly erotic or outright adventurous, sensuous nudism. From young teens being initiated to the world of communal nudity to couples enjoying secluded beaches or family cabins in the nude. Dressing down (stripping) on a nudist beach is an art form, and a very interesting one. Seeing young new arrivals on any nude beach is a signal to be alert: the mental afterglow sticks with you, memory reliving the event at will.

A true "Monet Style" nudist picnic, a couple alone in the countryside, is the mood for this sort of nudist adventure. Just being naked in nature, or on a secluded beach, or high in the mountains on a summer day--all exhilarating and worthy of attention. (For more nudism, see The Nude Review's The Nudist Sun)

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Nudist Bare Cindy, Asheville, North CarolinaNudity, whether nudist or between couples engaged romantically, or even the simple "candid" variety (the gotcha's and goofing off shots), is always better with some context and story line. Take Megan's blog (left)--we never knew women thought that hard about our most enjoyable preoccupation.
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