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(Included in The Nude Review) Beyond traditional nudism and home nudity is nude and near-nude photography created and shared by couples or close friends that brim with sensuality and the celebration of corporeal delights. While not pornographic, they dwell in the closeness and intimacy of desire and mild eroticism. Largely membership driven, these mediated collections reveal a healthy, aesthetically pleasing appreciation of nudity or near-nudity, lingerie, in-between moments, youth and beauty. If you love women, hate porn and are looking for a safe harbor that understands your evolved appreciation of sensuality (that may sound high-fallutin' but if your sensibilities match our own--and there are plenty like us--it might click).

Sample nudist, nude and near nude photography, varied thematically. Resolution and sizes vary. From Archives. Images open in javascript windows. New galleries open faster into new windows.

Couples Nudism
Couples Nudism
It's legitimate to consider, and treat, nudist "behavior" between couples as different from more socially based nudism. What's acceptable in one setting may not translate well into the other.

Naked Vacations
Naked Vacation

The Sleepover
Once you've made love to a woman, nudity becomes loose and nearly matter of fact. Where the initial "exposure" may have hasty or inhibited, after sex it becomes familiar and relaxed. The morning after produces an  enviable sense of connection, and ease.
Adult Nudism & Couples Nudity
"Adult Nudism"
When it's adults only (versus the family nudist beach), grown-ups enjoy nudism with a more liberal script. When it involves group activity (such as you find at Hedonism II), playful can turn into the decidedly flirtatious, with erotic overtones. Think of adult cocktail parties of years past, but with everyone naked.
Undressing For Love
Anticipating Good Things To Come: There's a kind of nudity preceding full-on sex that produces very compelling imagery. It's that foreplay of slow (or hurried) undressing.



The Lost Weekend
The Lost Weekend
Thematically, if the caption above strikes the right chord, you've been there. You spent the weekend with her, never really getting dressed, absorbed in a carnal break from "reality."
Hanging Out NudeHanging Out Nude
The ex has the kids for the weekend, your condo neighbor stays over (there are thousands of scenarios, of course). Life goes on?
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