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Women and Teens, Nude and Otherwise...Mobley's Review is dedicated to celebrating feminine beauty. It's part of the "Nude Review" network, which also includes "a nudist magazine on the web," "Candid Nudity" and "Casual Home Nudity." Our sites also celebrate the sensuality of just being nude, or nearly nude, with a unique collection of nude and nearly-nude galleries and "spotlights" featuring endless variety and appeal. All of our sites are updated  daily, each intended to be a refuge, a quiet place for you to re-energize or, as someone said, to be reminded of the simple pleasures of life. 

Several years ago a New York times article declared the toughest thing about sex was to make it "interesting." An erotic photograph is only erotic if we put our minds to itówe must imagine how the subject could possibly relate to usnudists personally, or rather, we must "eroticize" the image to make it work. This suggests sex really is a question of mind over matter, the matter being the image, story or anecdote envisioned, read or heard. The quality of the image is secondary to the context we're able to apply to it. We can imagine the nude woman in the top-left photograph being our wife, girlfriend, sister-in-law, our college-aged daughter's friend visiting over the Thanksgiving holiday, or the neighbor who dropped-in to use the bath because her water heater was on the fritz. Or we can just enjoy the picture as is. If the photography stirs our imagination, great.

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Of course, you don't need us to tell you how to personalize these images. What we hope to address is the lack of a consistent, sensual-imagery experience that basically leaves us alone to enjoy it without the threat of, within a click, having the experienced ruined by an unexpected turn. We've all had the experience of nearly falling in love with a "model" only to click to the next gallery to find the moment deflated by her doing, well, horrid things to herself. So we don't let that happen. If we were a salsa, we would be "mild" with just a touch of "heat." We hold the line. And we stick to real women and teens, not models (though there are exceptions).

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"Nudist photography and casual 'nudity at home' offers the best opportunity to appreciate the feminine form in synch with nature and life..."

Topless Teens, from our nudist magazine.Sex is a great thing. It's dependable. It is to be celebrated and enjoyed immensely. But, and in no small way, the internet has turned the imagery, even simple nudity, into something less than joyful, wholesome and pleasurable. Both being nude and enjoying sex are wholesome experiences (though many may not agree). And we feel it natural to be pleasantly stimulated, aesthetically and otherwise, from viewing nude and nudist photography. It's in our nature. As noted above, mind over matter really does rule. But the "matter" does matter too, and when we say "soft" or "simple" nudity, we hold true to our word. Our nudist magazine celebrates the nudist and communal aspect of being nude. "Casual Home Nudity" covers nudity in a "House & Garden" manner. Mobley's Review lets a little spice seep into the mix, let's women be playful, sexy, alluring, but neverówell, you know what we mean if you've read this far...

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